Cryptocurrency wallet is an electronic wallet where you store, manage, and monitor your digital currencies safely. There are hundreds of crypto wallet provider out there, but if you're looking for secure, easy to use application, we recommend or

Once you have a wallet setup, you need to get started and add some funds!

The process is a little different for each wallet, however, they do have their own easy-to-follow help sections, FAQ and videos that will guide you to purchase your coins. Plus, we are happy to help talk you through this if you contact our expert customer support team. We would recommend you to use the two most stable coins that have grown a LOT in value and are accepted almost everywhere, bitcoin and bitcoin cash. But then again, we support dozens of different coins, are always adding more to the mix and are accepting any coin shown on our cryptocurrency drop down menu in our cashier.

Are your coins available on your wallet so you can play our great games? All you have to do is send the coins over, and we’ll add the funds to your account!

Simply go to the cashier page, select the coin you want to pay with, enter the amount you want to send (i.e. $500) and click on deposit.

Next you will see our wallet address. Simply copy and paste that into your cryptocurrency wallet OR just simply scan the QR code using your phone and click send. It will be sent over to us in a flash, and you can start playing and winning!

We know using a Cryptocurrency for the first time can be a big step but there are just so many benefits when compared to older online financial transactions. More and more people are using this new technology to their own advantage and here are just a few reasons why:

Every major cryptocurrency is worth many times more than it was when it was created, almost all coins increase in value dramatically every single year. As a result, the investment potential for cryptocurrencies is simply massive, and there have been a LOT of people to exploit this and become millionaires.

For example when Bitcoin was launched and if you had just bought $100 of them, the value of those coins would now be worth well over a million US dollars. All without having to do anything but sit and watch your money grow!

Thanks to the block chain encryption process Cryptocurrencies are literally the safest and most secure option around. The only person, company or entity that will ever have access to your money will be you! As long as you don’t share your wallet details with anyone then it's impossible for anyone to access you funds.

Furthermore because Cryptocurrency is a totally anonymous payment method, it means you can send and receive payments without anyone knowing any details about you at all. It’s impossible to have issues like ID theft or having your details used without your knowledge or consent.

Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any government, regulatory body or centralized authority unlike older financial institutions like banks and credit cards companies. This means your money is 100% controlled by you, to do what you want with it, when you want and how you want.

As there are no annoying banks, international clearances or internal processes to go through transferring funds using Cryptocurrencies is incredibly fast, also there are no fees involved so you don’t have to worry about some faceless bureaucrat taking a slice of your hard earner money. You can literally transfer any amount of money, anywhere in the world, in an instant!

List of Cryptocurrencies

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